Thorium Nuclear Reactors Can Eliminate Day to Day Risk

Thorium Nuclear Reactors Can Eliminate
Day to Day Risk

Why didn’t molten salt thorium nuclear reactors succeed the first time?

by Kirk Sorensen – Video


The Thorium Nuclear Reactors Problem – Danger of existing thorium regulation to U.S. manufacturing and energy sector…

John Kutch of and Jim Kennedy of review the hazards maintaining U.S. current thorium policy.


And be sure to review our pages on Brown’s Gas, which is 1 weird gas made of water and when burned returns to water; but, will eliminate radioactivity without dispersing it. The radioactivity just fades away.

See the press announcement video from 1992 here:

Then watch as Mark Porringa nuetralizes Nuclear Waste here:


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We know we can get rid of the escalating risks and cost of Nuclear Waste with Brown’s Gas and other technologies.

The current reactors were chosen for their ability to create weapons of war.

Now it’s time to build Thorium Nuclear Reactors as tools for peace, abundance, low cost, low risk energy.

You can help us help you and future generations by educating an unsuspecting public which does not realize the awful risks the politically powerful are taking with our lives in order to take as much of our money as possible.

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