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Clean Energy, Free Markets, Personal Responsibility

Clean Energy, Free Markets, Personal Responsibility

Do you ever hear people talk about how horrible life would be with individual freedom?

They’re afraid.

Don’t you wonder why they do not observe the failures, abuse of power, self-serving, monopoly creating, war promoting, non-stop scandal creating, and horrible records of mega-government central planning coupled with crony capitalism and/or crony socialism.

About the only time a government is against war is when, for propaganda purposes, they want the other side to surrender without a fight.  As if surrender to the biggest dog is the solution to the world’s problems.

Others seek one world government…

  • Not for peace…
  • Not for individual freedom…
  • Not for personal responsibility…
  • Not for unlimited opportunity…
  • Not for innovation…

They want to make certain, no one has the opportunity to escape or resist whoever wins the power struggle to rule the planet.  The world will be their prison and we will be their prisoners…

The ruling elites want 3 classes.  The uber rich, the peasants and those marked for extinction.

Clean energy promotes life, abundance, tolerance, and health!

The ruling class wants more death.  They figure they can best be served by a population of about 500 million and that all others should be exterminated.

The politically powerful have cleverly crafted a “Company Store” approach which strips you, me and our families of the results of our labor, creativity and skills.

They seek monopoly control of essentials plus education and communication to dumb down the population to a level of acceptance where they hope to force feed the idea that an enforced and shared misery is the same as Freedom.

One of their chosen tools is Nuclear Waste.  Possibly, this child of war toys is embraced by political lunatics so that radiation can sterilize most of the population with an accident here and an accident there.  The ruling elites have faith in their ability to be immune from the chaos, death and destruction they create fro everyone else… And they pretty much live in a different world from the rest of us.

The uber rich don’t have to worry about GMO crops, their estates being sprayed with poisons, crime rates on streets they never visit, or making a hasty exit because of a disaster or even the possibility of a disaster.

They have homes around the globe or can buy another mansion with their spare change.

Many of these super wealthy and powerful people believe that the world will be a better place if they can kill off 90% of the planet.  They think 500 Million people is an ideal number for them to control.

Anyone else is garbage to be eliminated.

“… the resultant ideal sustainable population is hence more than 500 million but less than one billion.” – Club of Rome, Goals for Mankind

“A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.” – Ted Turner, CNN founder and UN supporter

“Nuclear power plants are, next to nuclear warheads themselves, the most dangerous devices that man has ever created. Their construction and proliferation is the most irresponsible, in fact the most criminal act ever to have taken place on this planet.” – Dr. Patrick Moore, Assault on Future Generations, 1976, Greenpeace co-founder/Greenpeace dropout

“It is sobering to remember that 21 years ago on April 26 the industry was brought to a standstill by the world’s worst nuclear accident at Chernobyl; an accident, which emitted an unstoppable and deadly plume of radioactivity that traveled the world and the effects of which can still be measured today; an accident, which could be repeated by any one of the world’s 400 or so nuclear reactors.” – Greenpeace International, Climate Change-Nuclear not the answer, 30 April, 2007

The ruling elites may not actually believe the disproven theories of Malthus, who predicted the world would run out of resources due to geometrical population growth in the 1800’s.  The world has grown and prospered anyway despite those who have done their best to kill their fellow man and sterilize those they don’t approve of.

It’s just as likely, they use Malthus as an excuse to justify their actions.  One more lie makes little difference.

The real source of their belief may be an incredible arrogance about their own superiority and therefore eliminating 90% of the population of the planet is their right.  They seek to create a superior race with us mongrels under their control.

Whenever we eliminate monopoly and cartels by unfettering the creativity, opportunity, capital, and organizational abilities of our fellow man, we protect the living and the unborn from the arrogance and madness of the politically powerful.

Help us eliminate the government granted monopolies and the immunities provided by and to the ruling elites.

When we have both unfettered competition and personal responsibility, the monopolies and cartels will lose their ability to spread their insanity, hate, sterilizations, and wars.

Clean energy is one of the many things hated by globalists who fear anything they can’t monopolize and use as a weapon to keep themselves high above masses they want to suffer as if that will fill the voids in their souls.

Ride with The Liberty Gang

The only way to protect your Individual Rights and Freedoms, which are the source of abundance, harmony, unfettered opportunity, health, morality and justice, is to protect the Individual Rights and Freedoms of those you neither like nor approve of.

There is no other way.

Ride with The Liberty Gang with your Pledge to protect the Individual Rights and Freedoms of those you neither like nor approve of.

— Don Winfield for

Now commit to 3 Simple Steps to Help PACE and Others Undo the Damage Done by the Steady Accumulation of Nuclear Waste and by Eliminating the Exemptions of the Politically Powerful Who Think They Should Never Be Held Accountable for Their Actions.

1. Help us go viral by sharing our sites, videos, and inbox magazines through your personal networks and to mainstream and alternative news media.  The politically powerful are not going to reform themselves.  This is not about transferring centralized power, which is the source of our problems.  We are about taking back our Individual Rights and Freedoms which have been stolen by our self-appointed rulers.

2.  Donate what you can, when you can.  Keep in mind, that even though we have to pay overhead, the cost of demonstrations, research projects, presentations, websites, staff, scientists, and more…

1 BIG Purpose of any money we raise is to help inform our neighbors of solutions to Nuclear Waste and the Creation of Competing Clean Energy Alternatives.

When you share our information, that is the same thing as donating money.  Money is a store of value and a medium of exchange.  You provide the value, that is money, when you help us share this information.

We still need cash and appreciate whatever you can do.

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