Environmental Stupidity by Edict

The Politically Powerful Rule…
Stand & Serve No More!

Clean Energy is the enemy of government mandated stupidity that transfers money from the poor to the politically powerful monopolies and cartels.  Here is one more example of corruption by the politically powerful to generate crony capitalism profits.


“The real problem,” he goes on, “is that the corn market is fundamentally misshaped by government interventions that have made a mess of this and many more markets. The distortions are never contained, but spread and spread.


“Corn is the single most important commodity for retail food,” Richard Volpe, an economist for the USDA told the Los Angeles Times. “Corn is either directly or indirectly in about three-quarters of all food consumers buy.


“Fine, then, answer me this, Mr. Government Economist Man,” Jeffrey scoffs. “Why is 40% of the corn crop being burned up in our gas tanks?”


Unfortunately, they’re both right. Corn is now in three out of four food products, fueling obesity’s 300% jump since 1970 by jacking up Americans on high-fructose corn syrup. Meanwhile, each year we make ethanol out of enough corn to fatten up more than 400 million more people for an entire year.


All the while, by one estimate, ethanol consumes six times more energy than it produces. It clogs up your gas tank with continued use. And if greenhouse gases are a concern for you, ethanol generates twice the emissions of plain ol’ gasoline.


The question: Why is corn being used as fuel if it’s so inefficient, costly and bad for the environment? “The answer is a Soviet-like, stupid-like government mandate,” Jeffrey responds, clearly bitter about the issue.


“It is actually relatively new,” Jeffrey explains. “It came about in 2005 and 2007. It mixes nearly all the gas we can buy with a sticky product now in rather short supply.


“Of all the government regulations I’ve looked at in detail over the last 10 years, the ethanol mandate is, by far, the worst. There are no grounds on which it is defensible,” Jeffrey concludes.


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Once upon a time, I used to be surprised by the stupidity, greed, violence, hate and lust for power of the political elites.

Today, I am only amazed at what took me so long to awaken.  Are you awake yet?

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