Experts Claim 14,000 to 20,000 Infants Dead in the US & Canada Because of Radiation from Fukushima... And Other Experts Disagree... Why?  Why?  Why ? Would We Leave ANY Risk We Can Remedy for Less Than It Costs to Create the Problems?

From: Don Winfield
RE: Fukushima Opened My Eyes... WIDE!

Fukushima had 3 Level 7 Nuclear Reactor Crises.  There is no level above 7.

There are many "The sky is falling..." type stories you can find on the internet about the dangers created when Fukushima and other sites have accidents.  There is some truth in all of them.

Our problem is the high profits that come from storing nuclear waste instead of getting rid of it... And politicians like to use depleted uranium to create new and better ways of killing families in other countries, even though it poisons their own soldiers.

Want to know what's really nuts?

Not only are the people who make profits from these high risk ventures protected by governments from damages they cause...  And when there is an accident, they get paid even more to clean it up.

It is absolutely NUTS to reward accidents and disasters and expect them not to happen.

The governments of the world are raising what used to be acceptable levels of radiation...  Radiation effects the very young the most.  Their immune systems are not fully developed.  Radiation causes infertility and sterility.

Will tomorrow's children be able to have healthy children of their own?  Or any children at all?

I'm not saying there will be no more children... Only that your children's children may be some of those who cannot or dare not.

The politically powerful will have options you don't have paid for with your money and the money of all the other serfs.

That's why we need to do something or pay the price.

Our story is about How to Eliminate Nuclear Waste in spite of the the politicians and profits that come from centrally planned money transfers to monopolies and political stupidity.

The politicians want deadly weapons.

The nuclear power industry wants profits.  They are willing for us to sacrifice everything including our lives to insure their profits go up.

Nuclear Waste has different components that are radioactive from 27,000 to over 2 Billion years.

A portion of each utility bill goes to store and transfer nuclear waste.  The amounts being stored get bigger & bigger & bigger & bigger...

While the locations get more and more numerous...

And the cost and risk to us grows slowly until it goes ballistic.

Today a portion of our taxes goes to friends of politicians in the Nuclear Power industry to clean up the messes they have made.  The amount in taxes will continue to climb as the stockpiles of nuclear poisons continues to grow.


We Can Eliminate Nuclear Waste Safely & Cheaply...

And politicians, the power monopolies and cartels do not want anyone else to know...

  1. The solution isn't new...
  2. It's available worldwide...
  3. It's used to clean up hospital wastes...
  4. It neutralizes Radiation by 96% to 99% in under 10 minutes without the radiation going elsewhere...
  5. Professor Yull Brown and Norinco proved it could work with the hottest nuclear materials in 1991...
  6. NASA began testing it in 1977 as a source of energy and water reclamation for a lunar station...
  7. It can neutralize radioactive water...
  8. It is made from water...
  9. When burned, it turns back into water... No pollution...
  10. It is considered a 4th state of water just as ice and steam are 2 other states of water... A Gas Made of Water...
  11. If you fill a container and add a spark... It implodes instead of exploding...
  12. It is probably the world's most effective cutting torch...
  13. While holding the nozzle of the torch without gloves, you can sublimate tungsten, 5,900 degrees centigrade, the temperature of the surface of the sun...
  14. You can use the same torch setting to burn hair off your arm by moving it rapidly over your arm... If you did that with any other type of torch you would need emergency care...
  15. The gas has healing properties... Yes, that's right, the addictive drug pushing, side effect creating, and occasionally lethal pharmaceutical industry hates it too...
  16. It has the potential to be a decentralized source of power generation... 

Stop Reckless Nuclear Profiteering Now

It's 1 Strange Gas Made of Water... Brown's Gas
  • Neutralizes Nuclear Waste

    We can save our money, spent by spendthrift politicians, and dramatically reduce our risk and take away poisonous weapons that harm our own troops while poisoning the lands and water of those politicians declare are enemies... (Who are inconveniently located in highly profitable locations hampering profits of mega-corporations.)

  • Brown's Gas Can Remove Radiation from Water

    Radiation does not stay in one location... It will move and contaminate everything in its path with the slightest opportunity... Japan, Chernobyl, Harland, have leaked into water tables, rivers, seas and oceans... When we get rid of Nuclear Waste, there is nothing there to leak...

  • When burned, it returns as water...

    No pollution... It can even burn pollution... It eliminates radioactive and other hazardous waste with no new dangerous residues...

  • Brown's Gas Saves Us Money...

    We no longer have to pay for nuclear waste storage on our utility bill, in our taxes, with our health, and property loss through quarantines created by leaking nuclear waste...

  • Brown's Gas Heals and Reduces Pain

    You can have a unit in your home that helps your body restore itself to reduce or eliminate pain from inflammation and assists your body in healing degenerative diseases through improved hydration...

Get Behind a Solution the Politically Powerful Wish Didn't Exist

Just getting rid of the leaking nuclear waste at Hanford, Washington State, would save $5.4 Million Dollars per day... or Over $2 Billion Dollars Per Year...

Brown's Gas reduces our utility bills by eliminating ever increasing nuclear storage costs...

Brown's Gas provides alternatives to addictive, incredibly expensive, side effect producing, all too often fatal - even when used as directed -pharmaceutical drugs...

Brown's Gas takes war toys out of the hands of the politicians who are poisoning our own troops, killing families, creating enemies, and poisoning other lands...

At the end of April, 2012, I first saw the video by Major General Albert Stubblebine III, US Army Retired. His function in the military was evaluating threats... It took me a week to neutralize my stress levels. It took 2 months to investigate and start putting together solutions to a very real problem... Even though I don't think the threat level is as bad General Bert estimates.

You and I, Social Media, Publicity, Word of Mouth and Whatever Else We Think Of Are just a few solutions we can apply to one of the most dangerous problems in the world... The Growing Size of Nuclear Waste Dumps in and industry that is not only protected from liability... The Nuclear Waste Gangs and their Pet Politicians are rewarded for poor planning, accidents, and stupidity.

Yet we are a good solution.

Paraphrased from Tom Peters, New York Times Best Selling Author of In Search of Excellence and other bestsellers:

“The history of innovation, discovery and great projects is that it comes from the wrong person (people), at the wrong time, from the wrong industry, with the wrong background and the wrong education, doing the wrong thing, for the wrong reason with little to no credibility, woefully short on funding, who ask the wrong questions, keep asking until they get the right answers, then do whatever it takes to do the impossible... And that is the source of almost all progress”

Wow! Are you and I qualified or what?

Help Us with the Floating Islands of Nuclear Waste

Fukushima Dai-ichi has 1,365 spent nuclear fuel rods sitting 10 stories in the air under a protective pool of water which is evaporating in a building which should be condemned for lack of structural soundness... You can't condemn and tear down a nuclear reactor you haven't even shut down; because, it's still out of control. AND Fukushima is only the latest Nuclear Whoopsie! Nuclear Whoopsies have their own long recorded history in Wikipedia.

Either we raise the noise level to a racket that the politically powerful can no longer afford, or we will pay with more lives, health, money... And we risk the our children's children ability to have healthy babies or any at all.

At what point has the stupidity go too long?

It's not like we're asking for sacrifice... We're demanding the sacrifices be ended!!!


Save Our Children's Children & Ourselves

YES... I want to become part of a wave for positive change that vested interests and arrogant politicians cannot ignore.

  • I understand that my participation and donations will:
    • Create live demonstrations all over the globe...
    • Create solutions to clean up the islands of radioactive debris floating across the Pacific...
    • Create and implement solutions to clean up the damage already done...
    • Create a storm to defend the rights of people to health and healing choices (without the approval of the bureaucrats and attorneys who populate governments and run things for their own benefit and their selected monopolies and cartels)...
    • Create Viral Information Tsunamis, because we know politicians only respond if they fear losing office...
    • Create Viral Information Tsunamis, because we know mega-corporations only respond if they are afraid of losing profits, lawsuits or monopoly status...
    • Create Viral Information Tsunamis, because we know the public still can drive media and the social networks that the politically powerful ignore at their own peril...
    • Create Viral Information Tsunamis, because we know that troops are being placed at risk by working around depleted uranium and it's nasty side effects...
    • Create Viral Information Tsunamis, because we know that most wars, conflict and hate are created by the politically powerful to line their own pockets, to keep themselves in power, to blow up stuff so they can tax people to rebuild it while putting more money in their pockets, and to keep people stressed out and blaming each other instead of the manipulators...
    • Create Viral Information Tsunamis, because we know that we are on the threshold of a world of abundance once we have made individual freedom the law of the land...
    • Create Viral Information Tsunamis, because we know that almost any system works passably well so long as each individual has their Individual Freedom and Rights to Just Say No to the demands of the politically powerful...
    • Create Viral Information Tsunamis, because we know that Jury Nullification rises again in public awareness, we have given ourselves and each other a valuable tool to stop government tyranny and protect each other...
    • Create Viral Information Tsunamis, because we know that the correct function of the Grand Jury to investigate Government Corruption while protecting Individuals and their Businesses from Abuse of Power, has been forgotten and we can help restore this valuable tool to stop government tyranny and protect each other...
    • Create Viral Information Tsunamis, because we know that Individual Freedom can open floodgates of solutions to solve today's problems created, deepened, and necessary for the ruling elites to stay in positions to abuse power at any cost for their own benefit...
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P.S.  We didn't mention the problems in United Kingdom, the dumping of nuclear wastes at sea, the problems in India, where Radioactive Clouds are traveling, and many other ongoing problems.

This is not about the future...  This is about what happened yesterday!!!

This is about what we must begin to do today to clean up yesterday's stupidity before more radioactive poisons escape, new meltdowns occur, and radiation contaminates more air, land and water.  

Just 3 locations have created quarantine areas over half the size of Texas. 

Follow our 3 things list today.

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The politically powerful are risking our lives and health, the lives and health of our children, their children and the politically powerful are using our money for their profits.

The politically powerful and lapdog news media were shown demonstrations that Nuclear Waste could be eliminated starting in 1992.

There was a second effort to work through the local politically powerful and local lapdog news media at the state level when transportation of dangerous nuclear waste by trucks and trains was a hot issue.

These have been ignored.

When it's their profit, power, and tools for war, the politically powerful do not care about our health or our ability to pay our bills.  They will use everything we have until we have nothing.

Today there is social media to inform the victims of this insanity without begging the politically powerful or lapdog news media to listen and make change.

This is Our #1 Task... Go Viral

#1:  Help share and promote:

We must change the status quo of protected monopolies and cartels of, by and for the politically powerful.  The nuclear waste industry is protected from liability and actually is rewarded for more accidents and disasters.

You and I are expected to suffer the consequences and pay ever escalating costs for stupidity storage, leaky depositories for nuclear waste, greed and corruption.

Use Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and the 1,001 other social networks.

Contact local media, talk show hosts, political groups, write letters to the editor, post to blogs and anything that is legal and makes good sense.

Create You Tube Videos.  Have whacky contests.  Try guessing games; "How much nuclear radiation does it take to cook an egg?"

Share our Inbox Magazine, Websites, Videos and Articles.

Nuclear Waste Accumulates Geometrically... Inevitably Creating Nuclear Accidents with Ever Escalating Cost... We can eliminate the Nuclear Waste Cash Cow which Feeds on Our Money, Our Lives and Our Children>>>

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Any Donations Go Directly to PACE to help create a live demonstration with witnesses and broadcasts via the internet that will become available at any time...

Help u create live Nuclear Waste Nullification demonstrations for the public and media and force the Politically Powerful to stop their Hazardous Storage Games.  Most charitable donations are around $30.  Ours have a run a bit higher; because of the seriousness of radiation poisoning more and more, land, air and water.

Think of this phase of our project like creating a series of commercials or an infomercial:

  • Permissions to Handle Nuclear Waste,
  • Radioactive Waste for the demonstration,
  • Rent a Proper Location for Demonstrating Nuclear Waste Eradication, (This will probably be some form of nuclear facility.  We can't just rent a hotel meeting room.)
  • Brown's Gas Generator, preferably 2 different models, (You don't spend a small fortune making a video without backups...)
  • Geiger Counters,
  • Nuclear Reactor Engineer(s) to perform the demonstrations,
  • Film Crews,
  • Web Sites,
  • Moderator & Voice Overs,
  • Translations,
  • Air Fares,
  • Hotel, Food & Vehicles,
  • Advertising,
  • Public Relation Announcements,
  • Film Editing,
  • Shipping Costs (both in and out)
  • Introduce 1 Brand New Technology,
  • And more...

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Nuclear Waste Accumulates Creating Nuclear Accidents... We can eliminate Nuclear Waste.

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"PACE: Speaking Unpopular Truths - EMF"

PACE speaking to UN Conference:
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
The 2009 Annual Ministerial Review (AMR) at the Palais des Nations, Geneva

"...While there is no doubt that many wireless devices have brought improvements to quality of life the continuing uncertainties about possible health risks and scientific studies to date have raised concerns that the public is not sufficiently protected from the adverse physical and mental health effects of these technologies."

Presented by Vita de Waal,
Main Representative of the Planetary Association for Clean Energy,

Make a Donation to PACE (Planetary Association for Clean Energy) Today -

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PayPal accepts 120 currencies and can accept payment with almost any Credit Card.

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"PACE: Speaking Unpopular Truth - Contrails "

The 15th Session of the UN Human Rights Council
(31 May-18 June 2010)

"Questions should also be raised as to the effectiveness of these technologies to which many national Meteorology Agencies are devoting public funds. In a 2005 study by Imperial College (London, UK) 3) it was noted that… “contrails persist for hours… and trap warmth in the atmosphere and exacerbating global warming…”

"There are serious public health concerns related to inhalation and consumption by humans and animals of chemicals used in bio-engineering and the effect on the soil and on crops. We are also asking to investigate if these chemicals are contributing to the alarming rate of decline in the bee populations which have been registered all over Europe and elsewhere."

Prepared and Presented by Vita de Waal
Main Geneva/Vienna UN Representative of the Planetary Association for Clean Energy

Make a Donation to PACE (Planetary Association for Clean Energy) Today -

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PayPal accepts 120 currencies and can accept payment with almost any Credit Card.

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