Nuclear Power Plant Risk | Hurricane Sandy

Nuclear Power Plant Risks | Hurricane Sandy

How close are you to a Nuclear Power Plant Risk Zones?

As Hurricane Sandy approached the North East Coast, almost everyone was focused on potential damage by the storm.

They forgot that water was the cause of the failure of the 3 Nuclear Power Plant Meltdowns at Fukushima, Japan.

Probably neither they, nor you, are aware of how many Meltdown Risk Zones you are in.

Chernobyl created a quarantine zone about 85% of the size of California.  When a Nuclear Power Plant has problems, the risk zone can be the size of a country… or more.

There are currently 65 commercially operating nuclear power plants with 104 nuclear reactors in 31 states around the US.  Thirty-six of the plants have two or more reactors.

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After you register for your Free Radiation Protection Report, I recommend you watch Jim Porringa, former chief engineer of the world’s largest Nuclear Research Reactor – Chalk River – demonstrate how easy and quick it is to eliminate Nuclear Waste.

The Nuclear Power Plant Monopolies insist they cannot get rid of deadly radioactive waste.

Nuclear Waste is a source of incredible risk and escalating expense that could be gotten rid of except for the political elite who protect monopoly profits from liability and force us to pay to allow the Nuclear Industry and Regulators to be stupid.

Nuclear Waste includes Spent Nuclear Power Rods, which if exposed to air, can begin to burn in an unholy conflagration that will spread radiation non-stop.  Putting out these Spent Nuclear Fuel Rods is not like stopping a Nuclear Bomb after it explodes.  Unfortunately there are a lot of similarities.

The political elites also like to use our Nuclear Storage Risk from each Nuclear Power Plant to keep poisonous materials handy to make weapons to kill people and poison their land and water at the same time.

These same weapons also poison the soldiers who use them.  Who cares?

Politicians think soldiers should sacrifice health, limbs, and life for their political schemes and dreams anyway.

You can help us by making a contribution to PACE and/or watch for products and services we will be offering that will include contributions to PACE when you purchase.  You’ll find a link at the top of any page of our website to do what you can or follow this link:

We can and will create viral campaigns to undo Nuclear Stupidity.

We can reduce Nuclear Risks and utility bills at the same time.

We will also help open the doors to Free Market Competition so that Free People can make intelligent decisions that the political elite will not consider due to their addictions to power over others, wars, and monopoly created, gigantic profits.

Don Winfield, Editor

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