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Wikipedia has separate page listings for Nuclear Disasters and Nuclear Accidents, and where they occurred… Plus some Nuclear Reactor sites like Chernobyl, Fukushima, Hanford, and many more have their own pages.  Land lost to radiation quarantine is about the size of Montana…

Major General Albert J. Stubblebine III, US Army Retired created a video on his Personal Estimate on Gravity of Fukushima Nuclear Crisis

Let me preface this with I didn’t agree with him on the threat level created at Fukushima…

It was this warning which woke me up…

He has updated his video.  As soon as I see the new one, I may need to update my comments on this page.

Make no mistake, Fukushima is a Disaster with consequences far beyond the borders of Japan.  Our solution is to undo the damage by neutralizing the Radioactive Nuclear Wastes.

There are solutions to almost any problem when the problems are not protected by those who profit from disaster. 

Explore this site to discover solutions for yourself.

Fukushima Nuclear Crisis

There are solutions to the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis.  These solutions have the potential to bless the world by curing the build up and storage problems of radioactive waste which makes their storage sites into high level hazards.  

You and I can create a viral campaign to save lives in Japan and stop any new Fukushimas or Chernobyls from occurring in your backyard.

Without the initial information General Bert provided in a video, I would not have known there was still a problem.

The earthquake and tsunami which created the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis in Japan, was over a year ago.  I assumed everything was under control.

After watching this video, I stopped several times in the next few days to use techniques to undo the negative effects of stress.

Today, after much research, I think his assessment is incorrect on how bad things could get.  It’s still a huge catastrophe.

You can see his original video on YouTube and search for updates:

At that time, I wasn’t certain about the possibility of solutions.  After a lot of research, I am very comfortable that there are solutions.  

There Are Solutions.  And they are ignored by the politically powerful who see the Nuclear Waste industry as a cash cow and source for weapons of mass destruction to just murdering families and soldiers.   

Let’s share solutions that are ignored and suppressed and would negatively impact the profit and power of the 1% ruling elites.   

We can create a viral information campaign and raise funding for Planetary Association for Clean Energy to demonstrate Brown’s Gas amazing ability to neutralize Radioactive Waste and Fuel Rods. 

Share our pages and videos.

Go here to discover the 3 simple steps we need to Halt and Repair the Damage from Nuclear Accidents.


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