The Nuclear Disaster Choice

This Page Is 13 Minute 33 Seconds Including the Video to Discover that Nuclear Waste Can Be Neutralized

Nuclear Disaster Introduction (5 Minutes): Let’s start with a solution video that is 3 minutes 27 seconds plus a bit for loading time and time to read the next 5 sentences.

Watch Mark Porringa, former Chief Engineer at Chalk River, world’s largest nuclear research reactor, neutralize Americium 241, a Radioactive Waste.

Note the Geiger Counter sensitivity setting are set differently before and after the process.  The level of radioactivity is lowered to what is essentially background radiation for the room.

The treatment itself to neutralize nuclear waste that would happen naturally in 27,000 years is 11 seconds.  See for yourself:


Radiation Poisoning… (68 Seconds of Text)

Worker Poisoned by Radiation on Wednesday… Died on Monday…
The Death Certificate Does Not Say “Radiation Poisoning”?

Authorities at Delhi University in India say they are investigating how radioactive waste which this week killed a man was sold as scrap.

“A scrap metal worker who was exposed to the radiation died on Monday of multiple organ failure. Several of his colleagues are still in hospital.”

If someone is hit by a car, the death certificate does not list “Car” as cause of death.  It may say “massive trauma”.  However, an accident could also tilt the scales and cause a heart attack and the death certificate says “Heart Attack”, “Cardiac Arrest” or other terms… But it does not say “Car.”

Radiation is almost never listed as cause of death; because, radiation sabotages the cells and the body’s ability to heal itself.  So those with weakened immune systems or undeveloped immune systems die because their body can no longer defend itself from what it has been successfully dealing with.

Radiation Poisoning can take 5 to 20 years, slowly mutating cells until they can no longer defend the body. Sometimes certain vital cells just quit…

Note the worker in Delhi is listed as dying from “multiple organ failure.”  The cause is not listed as “radiation poisoning“.

The Nuclear Waste Monopolies and their apologists take advantage of how death is listed on a death certificate to make claims about the safety of Nuclear Reactors; because, they can make false claims about low death rates from radiation poisoning…


Fukushima Problem #1 – (22 seconds of text)

Fukushima Japan had an earthquake that registered 9 points on the Richter Scale, moving the island of Japan 8 feet closer to North America.  It caused tsunami with a height only seen about every 1,000 years.

Three of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Reactors became Level 7 Nuclear Emergencies.  There is no higher level.

The reactors threw clouds of radioactive material into the air and the tsunami carried highly radioactive materials back into the water.  There are 5 to 20 million tons in islands of debris drifting towards North America.  Some of it is highly radioactive.

Would you take your children to a beach that might have nuclear waste on it?

Fukushima Problem #2 – (23 seconds)

The radiation released into the atmosphere drifted across North America.  One estimate based on CDC reports from 122 cities indicates radiation poisoning killed 21,851 in the USA… Mostly those whose immune systems are not fully developed: infants and those who are dealing with something like cancer.

The original article on radiation poisoning killing 21,851 in the USA and update links are below.

*EXCESS U.S. DEATHS AFTER FUKUSHIMA RISE FROM 14,000 TO 22,000 AFTER ANALYSIS UPDATED by Joseph J. Mangano  –  Radiation and Public Health Project  –  February 23, 2012

Original Article:

Updated Article after More CDC Reports Became Available: 


Fukushima Problem #3 – (3 minutes)

The Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Reactors and their dangerous Nuclear Waste storage are still not under control.

  • There are 1,535 spent nuclear fuel rods sitting on top of reactor #4,
  • They are under a pool of water approximately 10 stories in the air (100 ft),
  • The Reactor #4 Building is leaning from the earthquake and the tsunami,  
  • One side of the reactor has begun to bulge outward… If the water in the leaking, leaning tower, collapses or the water manages to escape, the fuel rods will burn…
  • Add the rods stored nearby and in the other reactors, there are 11,361 total,
The Wall St. Journal describes the situation this way:

“…activists and concerned observers—including former Japanese ambassador to Switzerland Mitsuhei Murata and U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden—continue to warn that if another big earthquake hits, Unit 4’s pool could collapse or spring a leak, exposing the thousands of fuel rods, which could then overheat and emit huge amounts of radiation.”

“In a worst-case scenario, some say, the radiation from those fuel rods could force workers to abandon the plant, leaving the systems that Tepco has jury-rigged to cool crippled reactor cores to fail as well.”

What does “huge amounts of radiation” mean?

“Chris Canine has 15 years experience as a Health Physics Technician, Chemist and Radiation Safety Instructor. He has worked at over 20 plants throughout the United States, Japan and Mexico — including Fukushima #1 and #2 in the late 1970′s.

“There are several reasons why I believe the country will be evacuated if the #4 SFP collapses. The amount of radioactive material in the fuel pool dwarfs the total amount at Chernobyl by a factor of 5 to 10. Chernobyl’s core was still mostly contained in a building (although heavily damaged), and most of the radioactive material melted downward and became lava like.

“If #4 SFP collapses it will be lying on the completely open ground, probably going critical on and off in portions of the pile for years. The dose rate from this pile will make dropping sand or anything from the air much more lethal than anything at Chernobyl. And probably impossible. The entire site at Fukushima will be uninhabitable and unworkable because of the dose rate coming from this pile of fuel. That means there will be no control of the other fuel pools, and we could lose control of them.”

“The heavily damaged reactors No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 remain largely too radioactive for people to approach, forcing Tepco to guess at their state by computer simulations and remote measurements.”

Until the Nuclear Reactor Industry admits that Nuclear Waste can be destroyed and/or neutralized, this dangerous situation will continue with the possible threat of waves of radioactive dust sweeping over North America… Seasonally the winds reverse and they drift over Korea, China, India, Russia, and eventually encircle the entire Northern Hemisphere.

How many will die? I don’t know.

One more death is too many; because, there is no excuse for the politically powerful to protect deadly radioactive poisons from technology which could eliminate the risks and the ridiculous expense of containing Nuclear Waste which will last 27,000 years for the short lived stuff.

If endangered, the politically powerful who are resisting change will simply move using our money.  They scalp us in taxes and in our utility bills.  They have less risk than we do.  They are profiting from our losses.  If anything else goes wrong, the political infrastructure and their buddies in the nuclear monopolies will move to someplace safe.

We must create a great noise that can be heard around the world… This is everyone’s problem who aren’t members of the Politically Protected…

Problem #4… Biggie #1 – (5 seconds)

Politically powerful lunatics want to continue to make big money from their Nuclear Monopolies even if they have to kill half the world to do it…


Problem #5… Biggie #2 – (5 seconds)

Politically powerful lunatics want to continue to make weapons that kill both the victims and the soldiers who use them…


Problem #6… Biggie #3 – (5 seconds)

There are 670 Nuclear Power Facilities with one or more reactors each around the globe which also have design flaws and can become the next Nuclear Disaster…


Solution #1: There are at least 12 technologies that can neutralize different types of Radioactive Poison and Nuclear Waste… (5 seconds)

Remember the demonstration video above.  There are other technologies as well.  


Solution #2: We must create a viral campaign to alert our neighbors around the world to a danger that can come from half the planet away… (25 seconds)

Do what you can today.

Share…  Work your social network…  Connect to Media, Talk Show Hosts, Letters to the Editor…

Donate… We need to create new and better presentations unveiling the abilities of Brown’s Gas and other technologies to neutralize Nuclear Waste so that it is no longer a danger…

Stay Informed: Bookmark Our Sites, Get on Our Mailing Lists, Link to Our Facebook Page… Or?  Start your own solution.  Start programs in other languages.  Start local programs.  Start whatever you think will help… And start today preferably or within 48 hours or your chances of starting diminish drastically.


Solution #3:  Free Market Accountability (54 seconds)

We need to demand personal liability of anyone: politicians, kings of waste or their investors, who risk our lives for their profits, power, paychecks and perks.  We demand personal responsibility for all actions equal to any damage caused.  The corporation is not a shield for stupidity or corruption and no group of politicians or royalty may provide such a shield or be shielded themselves.

No subsidies for anyone.  Subsidies are taken by force from our pockets and normally get used for crony capitalism and blatant corruption…  And central planning has been proven to create the biggest disasters that mankind has ever suffered through.

We will Unleash Free Markets so that alternatives to the current Nuclear Reactor monopolies can be developed and anyone can raise money anyway they wish without government interference or help of any kind.

To that end, we will explain and support Jury Nullification and State Nullification.

“Jury Nullification is the right of the accused and the duty of the juror to protect the accused from any and all abuse of power by judging the law, the penalty, evidence, purported jurisdiction and the procedures of the trial itself.  The Jury Is Not a Rubber Stamp.  The Juries Only Duty Is Justice.”

State Nullification comes from the political power of the state to stand against over-reaching federal or international lust for power.

To create accountability, we will explain and support the right and responsibility of Grand Juries to investigate government corruption.  We will find District Attorneys, Attorney Generals who wish to stay in office and prove by their actions, they should not be booted from their position, and/or all other avenues of investigation and prosecution that are our right by birth.


Solution #4:  Donate to PACE (22 seconds)

PACE will create live demonstrations and invite select celebrities, judges, ambassadors, scientists, and the occasional politician and broadcast the demonstrations over the internet to be available anywhere in the world any time of the day or night so that we can demand safety with savings and the dismantling of power monopolies.

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