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Who Is Planetary Association for Clean Energy

a NETWORK  to improve life

for both the PLANET and its PEOPLE!


Some of the associates in the network and their contribution

(F founder; B board member, D deceased)

Dr. John Alexander, scientist, application of electrodynamics in human performance / Eleonora J. Anderson, nuclear waste clean-up / Prof. Maurice L. Albertson, D, Colorado State, Peace Corps founder, new science and technology promoter / Prof. Harold Aspden, University of Southampton, engineer, design new energy conversion systems / Jacques Audet, scientist, sustain infrastructure / Wolfram Bahmann, B, meteorologist, monitoring of air quality monitoring / Dr. Gon-Woong Bahng, Korea Institute of Standards & Science, new energy technology transfer / Dr. Robert G. Bailey, Lockheed Missiles & Space, new science and technology networking / Ernst Bauer, D, entrepreneur, nuclear waste clean-up systems / Dr. James Beal, NASA, electromagnetic  field bioeffects / Lt-Col Tom E. Bearden, nuclear engineer, writer, electrodynamics theorist / Clement N. Beauchamp, BD, jurist, development of new energy technology transfer modalities / Prof. Robert C. Beck, UCLA,  D, medical engineering advanced therapeutic modalities / Dr. Robert O. Becker, D, Nobel Prize nominee, Veterans Administration, medical scientist, electromagnetic bioeffects / Dr. Laszlo I. Belenyessy, MD, Sabaria Medical Foundation, alternative therapeutic modalities / Bob Beutlich, D, engineer, new energy science and technology networking and publishing / Hon. Berkeley Bedell, US Congressional energy committee, new science and medicine / Joachim Berg, Siemens, medical engineer, design novel energy applications / Chris Bird, BD, biologist, writer, chemical-free agricultural alternatives / Dr. Rosalie Bertell, D, nuclear radiation biometrics publicist / Patric Besner, lawyer, new energy technology / Prof. John O’M. Bockris, Texas A&M, electrochemistry, hydrogen-solar economy / Claudine Brelet, investigative journalist, WHO sustainable village health delivery / Dr. Brian E. Briggs, MD, alternative therapeutic delivery / Barbara B. Bronfman, philanthropist, alternative healing / Prof. Yull Brown, D, electronic engineer, Brown’s Gas (water-as-a-fuel)  / Dr. Paul Brown, D, physicist, novel nuclear technologies / John. J. Broz Sr., D, Humanity Resources Development Inc, humanitarian / Prof. Prof. Mirko Bunc, economist, new energy technology in society / Dr. Eldon Byrd, D, medical engineer, scalar technology / Prof. Dr. Jean Carstoiu, MIT, physicist, fundamentals of internal flows in physics / Senator Chesley W. Carter, FBD, Tesla technology, solar/biomass/wind energy promoter / Dr. Prof. John W. Coleman, D, MIT, microscopy, low level transmutation / Trevor James Constable, scientist, weather engineering / Dr. Paulo N. Correa, U of T, physicist, inventor, energy conversion systems / Dr. James F. Corum, Battelle Research Institute, Tesla wireless electrical energy transmission / Prof. Philippe Crabbé, B, Institute for Research Environment and Economy, implementing new technology / Dr. Ernie E. Criddle, National Research Council Canada, physicist, fuel cells, water as a fuel / Richard A. Crowther, architect, sustainable housing design / Dr. Prof. Olivier Costa de Beauregard, Nobelist, physicist, fundamentals of physics / Jerry Decker, KeelyNet, clean energy research /  Dr. James DeMeo, meteorologist, advanced electrodynamics / Hon. Vita B. de Waal, diplomat, clean energy systems / Dr. Alexander P. Dubrov, Russian Health Ministry, scientist, biological effects of low-level electromagnetics / Dr. James P. Dunn, NASA, technology transfer commercialization / Dr. Christine Durbak, World Information Transfer, Helke Ferrie, writer, researcher, alternative therapeutic modalities / Dr. Hal Fox, ENECO, Journal of New Energy, research in new energy technology / Robert J. Fox, B, Odawa Centre, integrating new technologies with First Nations / Prof. Dr. Ursula Franklin, materials scientist, science and society interface / Borge Frokjaer-Jensen, Danish Institute of Ecological Technologies, vortex studies / Ronald Gdanski, inventor, alternative therapeutic systems / Dr. Libuse Gilka, MD, alternative therapeutic delivery / Dr. Janusz Grabowski, Magres Research, advanced magnetic technology / Prof. Bernard R. Grad, MD, BD, McGill, investigation in advanced therapeutic modalities and their rationale / Toby Grotz, Wireless Engineering, Tesla, new energy technology / Prof. Josef Gruber, FernUniversität Hagen, economics chair, analysis of implications of new technology implementation / Hon. Daniel Haley, B, NY legislator, founder of first energy research & development agency / Mary-Sue Haliburton, editorialist, clean energy investigative reporter / George D. Hathaway, B, engineer, testing of new energy technology devices / Dr. James C. Hayes, materials scientist, semiconductors, acoustics, energy conversion systems / Alan C. Holt, NASA, engineer, advanced space propulsion research / Jack Houck, scientist, biological electrodynamics /  John J. Hutchison, inventor, lift and energy conversion system / Bob Jerabek, D, engineer, inventor, hazardless saw / Knud Jespersen, Rolltech, engineer, design, water-as-a-fuel devices / Prof. Brian Josephson, Nobelist, Cavendish Laboratory, physicist, fundamentals of the new physics / Jeff Hayes, designer, testing Tesla bladeless engines / Don Kelly, SEA/US, engineer, new energy networking / Ted J. Klich, B, corporate analyst, clean energy / Dr. Josef Krop, MD, environmental medicine / Dr. Paul LaViolette, scientist, astrophysics, clean energy systems / Dr. James Lee Kenny, computer engineer, novel energy conversion systems / Prof. Louis Kervran, D, Nobel Prize nominee, National Research Council, France, scientist, researcher in biological transmutation / Moray B. King, Novel, engineer, software, new sciences database / Dr. Wingate A. Lambertson, chemist, inventor, solid-state energy conversion system / Don Maisch, EMF facts Tasmania, electromagnetic field bioeffects / Prof. Eugene Mallove, D,  MIT, Infinite Energy, physicist, promoter of low energy nuclear reactions (cold fusion) research / Prof. Edward Mann, D, sociologist, new energy networker / Jeane Manning, writer, new energy technology / Raymond J. Marchand, B, space scientist, promotion of new technologies / Dr. Alvin Marks, D, physicist, inventor, Polaroid, advanced photovoltaics / Dr. Stefan Marinov, D, physicist, clean energy technology review / John D. Mattingly, D, philanthropist, inventor of the WaterPik, promoter of new science and medicine / Prof. Norberto Meyer, Universidad de Mendoza, sustainable architecture and communities / Dr. Robert Muller, University for Peace, diplomat, writer, promoter of new science and technology / Gaston Naessens, biologist, inventor, microscopy, discoverer of somatid, smallest life form / Dr. Hans Nieper, D, medical researcher and promoter of new energy technology development / Charles O’Brien, environmental law, clean energy systems / Dr. Brian O’Leary, NASA, D, astronaut, writer, promoter of new energy technology / Jorg Ostrowski, architect, sustainable buildings and communities / Dr. John Nash Ott, D, scientist, illumination and low-level electromagnetics biological effects / Prof. Panos T. Pappas, D, Technikon Piraeus, physicist, new science and technology networker / Stephan Patrick, engineer, advanced energy conversion systems / Dr. Thomas E. Phipps, Jr., military scientist, theorist in the fundamentals of the new physics / Guy Playfair, writer, new energy technology implications / Dale Pond, researcher, writer, Keely sympathetic vibration energy devices / Mark Porringa, AECL, engineer, nuclear wastes decontamination / Prof. Ilya Prigogine, D, Nobelist, fundamentals of physics / Prof. Panayis Psomopoulos, urban planner, sustainable communities and regions / Dr. Andrija Puharich,MD, FD, physicist, writer, mini-hearing aid and micro-electronics / Dr. Hal E. Puthoff, Institute for Advanced Studies, physicist, zero-point energy research / Michael Rademacher, Can-Rapid, engineer, design water-as-fuel systems / Prof. Elizabeth Rauscher, University of California, Berkeley, nuclear physicist, nuclear decay anomalies / Dr. Glen Rein, B, Estée Lauder, microbiologist, quantum biological research / Joshua Reynolds III, D, philanthropist, new science research / Walter L. Rosenthal, D, Lockheed Aviation; design and testing of new energy conversion systems / Prof. Dr. Abdus Salam, D, Nobelist, fundamentals of physics and symmetry / Prof. Dr. R. M. Santilli, physicist, energy conversion systems / Dr. Stoyan Sargoytchev, York University, physicist, fundamentals of physics / Dr. Leo J. Shafer, design, testing advanced therapeutic modalities / Rolf Schaffranke, D, NASA, engineer, advanced space propulsion research / Prof. Shinichi Seike, D physicist, new energy research / Kenneth Shoulders, physicist, inventor  energy conversion system / Dr. Maria Sésic, D, Nikola Tesla Museum, physicist /  Dr. Edmund Storms, Los Alamos National Laboratory, advanced electrolysis research / Dr. Bruce Tainio, D, microbiologist, advanced surface water clean-up systems / Dr. John A. Tanner, D, National Research Council Canada, physicist, bioeffects of low-level electromagnetic fields / Dr. Paramahamsa Tewari, India Nuclear Corporation, physicist, inventor of new energy conversion system / Roy Thornson, inventor ultra-efficient inertial propulsion system / Prof. William A. Tiller, Stanford University, material scientist, new technology theorist / Rt. Hon. Pierre Elliot Trudeau, F, Prime Minister, statesman, just society, clean energy systems / Dr. Jacques Vallée, physicist, developer of Internet system (first applied for Three-Mile-Island disaster mitigation) / Thomas Valone, engineer, investigation, promotion of new energy technologies / John Van Rhee, Nortel, engineer, energy conversion systems /Dr. Carlo Vitali, sustainable infrastructure, Tesla / Prof. T. Nejat Veziroglu, Institute of Hydrogen Energy, solar-hydrogen economy / Marcel Vogel, FD, IBM, scientist, computer diskette technology, fluorescent colours / Prof. Walter Von Lucadou, scientist, new science and medicine / Dr. Réné L. Wadlow, diplomat, transnational society/  Elizabeth Winton, editorialist, clean energy / George Wiseman, Eagle Research, engineer, design energy savings systems / Prof. William Wolkowski, Université de Paris V, new science and technology / Dr. Jim Yehl, American Environmental Systems, designer of advanced microtechnology.

Origin and aims of the Association


The Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Incorporated was founded in June 1975 in Ottawa, Canada, under the guidance of the Hon. Senator Chesley W. Carter, then Chair-person of the Senate’s Standing Committee on Health, Welfare and Science as well as member of the Senate Special Committee on Science Policy.  With the Hon. Carter, a number of scientists undertook to make use of this Association to develop an international interdiscipli nary network of advanced scientific thinking indi viduals and organizations.  Together, these were to promote and steward “clean energy systems” for eventual implementation on a plane tary-wide scale.

Clean energy systems are defined as those which draw on natural supply, which are universal in application, which are inexpensive and which do not cause polluting residue.

Already by 1976 such systems were being examined and promoted by the founders of the Association. This initial nucleus of scientists grew.  In 1979, the Association became incorporated as a Canadian non-profit corporation.  Its Federal Charter foresaw the role of facilitation of the dis covery, research, development, demonstration and evaluation of clean energy systems.  Another role cited is stewarding the planning, co-ordination and implementation of clean energy systems on planetary, continental, regional, local and individual scales.  Experience has enjoined the network to act responsibly by serving as a monitor and an alert system for emerging “unclean” systems not considered by other groups.

In 1980, the Association became a Learned Society and hosted its first sessions as such at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Its network currently comprises about 3,500 in dividuals and institutions in over 60 nations.  Its official publication is the Newsletter.  Since 1981, books, proceedings, monographs and electronic publications have been released to both general and specialist audiences.

In 1986, the Learned Society initiated sustained efforts towards international technological transfer through a Symposium/exhibition in Hull (Gatineau), Québec, followed by a 1989 presentation at the United Nations, where it is recognized as an Associate NGO, since 2004 in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), since 2006 with the United Nations Human Rights Council.

In 1990, the University of Ottawa’s Institute for Research on Environment and Economy has conferred an associative status to the Society.


* Since 1975, the Association has been identifying, peer-reviewing, demonstrating clean energy devices (theoretical and actual). The scientific and educational process includes the production of monographs, periodicals, audio-visuals, electronic databases, demonstrations, books, specialist courses and learned gatherings. [Some systems promoted: Tesla technologies (the Magnifying Transmitter/wireless transmission of electricity, radiant energy devices, bladeless pumps and turbines for geothermal applications, low-damping transformers, vacuum energy, high-efficiency light bulbs); magnetic motors; non-radioactive fusion; homopolar generators; advanced solar collectors; phonon-decomposition of water into hydrogen and oxygen; water-as-a-fuel; electrostatic/electronic heating and cooling system; inertial propulsion systems; flexible mirrors; structuring of fluidic material systems; ultra-rapid decontamination of nuclear and toxic waste materials; low-moisture agriculture; biological communication systems.]

* Research and development in emerging energy science and technology, e.g.: higher-symmetry electrodynamics (scalar electromagnetics) and zero-point energy (of the vacuum).

*  Monitoring and documentation of problems associated with the psychobiological effects of low-level electromagnetic radiation, especially extremely low and very low frequency (ELF/VLF) and the radiofrequency/microwave spectra.

*  Cooperation with the United Nations – Human Rights Council, UNEP, UNESCO, UNITAR, UNDP, and CSER.

*  Design, negotiation and development of pragmatic waste recovery systems for newspapers, glass and metal (Ottawa) — emulated worldwide, and waste cellulosic fines from pulp and paper industries for agricultural purposes.

*  International peace and security studies with organizations such as University for Peace (Erazu, Costa Rica) and External Affairs Canada.

*  Stewardship and networking in bioenergetic medicine in conjunction with such institutions as Fetzer Institute, Centre for Frontier Science and the World Research Foundation.

*  Organization, co-sponsorship of learned conferences in Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver, Hull, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Atlanta, Hannover, Einsiedeln, Amsterdam, Denver, Colorado Springs, Milwaukee, and Chicago on clean energy science and technology and bioenergetics.

* Research, documentation on electromagnetic field problems and worldwide stewardship of clean energy initiatives. Specialized courses, Doctorate and post-graduate supervision with universities. Radiation and environmental survey services, EMF product testing. Research has been commissioned by such organizations as the National Research Council of Canada, the Science Council of Canada, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, International Development Research Centre, Manitoba Hydro, the Canadian Meteorological Centre, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, the City of Gatineau, the City of Longueil and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.


Donate What You Can, When & If You Can… Help PACE Clean Up Nuclear Waste

Sharing us with your Social Networks is the same as donating cash; because, we use cash for advertising, article submission, outreach to mainstream and alternative news media, blogs and a 1001 other ways you can help us… And some of those will donate things of value to PACE .

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