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We are the Underdogs… We are the small number of people who realize that Nuclear Waste Risks and Cost are growing Geometrically, while the profits from us and political power over us that Nuclear Waste & Nuclear Accidents create are growing Geometrically as well.  

The Politically Powerful Nuclear Waste Industry has ignored the demonstrations of how to get rid of extremely dangerous nuclear waste safely and inexpensively since 1992.

The internet and easy to access social networks provides us the opportunity to eliminate Nuclear Waste Hazards.  This doesn’t eliminate all of the hazards of the Nuclear Power Industry; but, it supplies a dramatic reduction in our risks and the money we are charged for storage and accidents.

Zap Nuclear Waste.com is a Viral Fundraising and Nuclear Radiation Awareness Site to spread information about the Nuclear Waste Racket and its escalating threat and costs.

We are here to provide pathways, information and support to you to create a viral campaign to the public to demand the elimination of nuclear waste.

Aim at your personal networks first, media second, and then those who profit from the status quo (Like politicians and those whose livelihoods are controlled by the politicians, or news media whose livelihoods are controlled monopolies and cartels.).

Without a great deal of noise, what is… will remain…

More than your money, we need your help to spread Nuclear Waste Solutions planet wide.

If we can raise the public awareness level, that creates pressures on the politicians who protect the status quo.  That opens doors for entrepreneurs who provide answers; but, are ignored because they threaten established monopolies and cartels who profit from the status quo.

Awareness is number 1.  Share our information.

Money is number 2.  Donate what, when and if you can.

If you can’t make donations, remember you have just 1 main task… Help Zap Go Viral.

Stay informed is number 3.  Watch our videos and subscribe to our Inbox Magazines delivered via email.

Your donations go directly to PACE (Planetary Association for Clean Energy), a Canadian non-profit corporation since 1979.

The Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc. / La Société planétaire pour l’assainissement de l’énergie, inc.

100 Bronson Avenue / Suite 1001, OTTAWA, Ontario K1R 6G8 fax: (613) 235-5876

http://pacenet.homestead.com /

A Canadian Revenue Agency Registered Charity

NGO in Special Consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC)

 New York / Geneva / Vienna / Addis Ababa


Nuclear Waste Accumulates Creating Nuclear Accidents… We can eliminate Nuclear Waste.

STEP #1 –

We Need Viral Awareness to Force Change >>>

Share our site, videos and Inbox Magazine Articles with your Networks. 

Your 1 Task Is… Help Us Go Viral >>>

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Do what you can from $5,000 – $500 – $50 – $5 using the link below to help pay the costs of live demonstrations… Or enter your own amount.

Sharing us with your Social Networks is the same as donating cash; because, then we don’t have to use cash for advertising, article submission, outreach to mainstream and alternative news media, blogs and a 1001 other ways you can help us… And some of those will donate things of value to PACE .

So when you can’t donate cash, Your 1 Task Is… Help Us Go Viral >>>

Although our donations have been considerably higher, many groups raising money for projects receive most of their funds around $30.

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Help us Undo the Escalating Damage of Nuclear Waste.

Do what you can today and you will have done what is needed.


Do what you can from $5,000 – $500 – $50 – $5 using the link below to help pay the costs of live demonstrations… Or enter your own amount.


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