Brown’s Gas Zaps Radioactive Waste & Nuclear Accidents

Brown’s Gas Zaps Radioactive Waste to Get Rid of Nuclear Accident Materials

Watch Mark Porringa, former Chief Engineer at Chalk River, world’s largest nuclear research reactor, neutralize Radioactive Waste.

Note that after the radiation reduction starts, Mark removes the Brown’s Gas flame and the radioactive waste continues to burn itself up… On the Geiger Counter notice the sensitivity setting after the burn is made at a more sensitive level than when you see during the first radiation reading.

This video demonstrates that we can get rid of poisonous radioactive waste that is currently stored at nuclear power plants and holding facilities around the world…

Based on performance, perhaps they should probably be called nuclear waste leakage facilities?

We can eliminate these threats but only with your help.

Why is your help needed?

Because storing nuclear waste is a very lucrative business.  Plus it can be used to kill people or poison land and water when the politically powerful and other nuts want to invade a neighbor.  Vested interests with political power and the politicians who love war do not want their cash cows and war materials eliminated.

The Political Elites have banded together and decided that business as usual is worth any risk we the serfs have to take and any amount we have to pay.

After all, who would want to get of nuclear waste safely, inexpensively, and permanently, when you can get a contract to store it until it’s no longer dangerously radioactive in about 270,000 years?

Toxic Radioactive Waste Problems

“The Hanford Nuclear Reservation is the largest nuclear waste dump in the Western Hemisphere and a major Northwest environmental issue. It is a serious long-term threat to the Columbia River, which Oregon depends on for power generation, farm irrigation, fishing, transport and recreation.

“Hanford covers 560 square miles of desert in eastern Washington, along 51 miles of the Columbia River. It is 35 miles north of the Oregon border, and 215 miles upstream from Portland.

“From 1943 to 1988 Hanford produced plutonium for nuclear weapons, using a line of nuclear reactors along the river. Cooling water from the river was piped through the reactors, then fed back into the river. Spent fuel rods from the reactors were dissolved in nitric acid to separate out the plutonium. Enormous amounts of highly radioactive and chemical waste were generated in the process. Since the production of plutonium ceased, Hanford’s only mission has been cleanup.

“Hanford is owned by the federal government and managed by the US Dept. of Energy (DOE). Because Hanford is subject to both federal and Washington state environmental laws, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Washington state Dept. of Ecology have regulatory powers.”…

“About 53 million gallons of high-level radioactive and chemical waste are stored in 177 underground tanks the size of three-story buildings, buried in Hanford’s central area, about 12 miles from the river. Over the years 70 of the tanks have leaked about one million gallons of waste into the soil.”…

“Presently DOE does not have a plan for intercepting the tank waste before the waste reaches the river.”…

There are three kinds of radioactive solid waste buried at Hanford:

  • Transuranic
  • Low-level mixed waste produced by routine operations, environmental and facility cleanup
  • Transuranic mixed waste

Hanford has an estimated 75,000 barrels of such waste, most of it buried in trenches. There is no cleanup plan in place.”

One Radioactive Waste Solution for Everything?

Yes and No.

The solution is you and I using our social networks to create a viral public awareness campaign to tell people about:

  • The Problem created by politicians…
  • Our Costs…
  • Our Risks…
  • How to eliminate the problems of nuclear waste disposal…
  • Why politicians and their protected monopolies don’t want a solution to nuclear waste…

We’ll give you some hints here:

  • You can more effectively kill people and poison their land, air and water
  • You can more easily penetrate armored vehicles
  • It provides better armor for your own vehicles with only slow radiation poisoning for your troops
  • Nuclear Waste Storage is very profitable
  • Nuclear Waste lasts 20,000 years or longer
  • Nuclear Waste Storage continues to grow because of its long life… Which means more money
  • If something leaks or breaks, the government will pay the industry to clean it up… Therefore
  • The more you screwup, the more you make…
Or you can believe in the integrity of politicians and their protected monopolies and cartels and they don’t dispose of it because Brown’s Gas technologies demonstrated for over 20 years do not exist…

Radioactive Waste Is an International Problem

The brighter the red, the higher the danger…

UK:  Radioactive waste ‘may be blighting 1,000 UK sites’

MoD under fire after report finds number of contaminated sites is far higher than previously estimated…
Rob Edward –, 


India: No policy for radioactive waste disposal…

Authorities at Delhi University in India say they are investigating how radioactive waste which this week killed a man was sold as scrap.

“A scrap metal worker who was exposed to the radiation died on Monday of multiple organ failure. Several of his colleagues are still in hospital.”


China:  The earthquake last May 12 in Sichuan damaged the most important Chinese nuclear dump, but the authorities continue to conceal the true extent of the incident…

Beijing (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Two months after the earthquake that shook Sichuan, the most important radioactive dump in southwest China is still closed, while government authorities refuse to provide details on the true damage to the site and on possible leaks of hazardous material.,-Chinese-censorship-suppresses-the-news-12708.html



“CCTV said the country has enough fuel now to last up to 70 years and the breakthrough could yield enough to last 3,000 years.”To produce that amount of fuel, however, China would have to build a hugely expensive and highly dangerous breeder reactor, said Matthew Bunn, an expert on the Chinese nuclear program at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.”

This Ural Mountain village is one of two dozen that originally sat downstream of the Mayak nuclear complex, which dumped 2.68 billion cubic feet (76 million cubic meters) of highly radioactive waste into the river from 1949 to 1956.


Hungary nuclear plant leaks radioactive gas (incident level 3, cause: French-German equipment)” target=”_blank” data-bitly-type=”bitly_hover_card”>Reuters AlertNet ^ | April 24, 2003 | Reuters 

Radiological Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident for Hungary

“As final consequence the average dose equivalent for Budapest residents due to internal plus external exposure…

From the series of assumptions made, the uncertainty in these values is quite high and the doses received by different individuals can vary considerably.”


France:  France was yesterday quick to play down the significance of an explosion in a nuclear waste recycling plant in the south of the country which killed one man and injured four others.

 Pick Your Country or Any Country, Because Radiation Migrates

Pick a search engine and search these 2 phrases and add the country of your choice:

radioactive accidents in _________________

radioactive waste in _________________

 Also Check:


List of (admitted) military nuclear accidents

Lists of nuclear disasters and radioactive incidents

How many nuclear disasters, can we afford?  

The politicians and the politically powerful will sacrifice everything you and I have to get away with all they can.

The politicians and the politically powerful will always have enough of our money to protect themselves from suffering any consequences of their actions.


Do 3 things today.

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We still need to raise enough funds for technological demonstrations to the public to force the politicians and the monopolies to change their policies.  And your viral networking helps bring in financial support and frees up other dollars for demonstrations and other costs.

3 simple steps – Do what you can afford today; because, someday, the cost may be too great for any of us…

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