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Oyster Creek Nuclear

Oyster Creek Nuclear Alert: As (Hurricane Sandy) Floodwaters Fall, More Questions Arise

“Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station remains under an official Alert, a day-and-a-half after the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission declared the emergency classification due to flooding triggered by Hurricane Sandy .

“An Alert is the second category on the NRC’s four-point emergency scale.

“Neil Sheehan, a spokesman for the federal regulator, said thatfloodwaters around the plant’s water intake structure had receded to 5.7 feet  at 2:15 PM EDT Tuesday, down from a high of 7.4 feet reached just after midnight…”  

“Though an emergency pump was brought in when water rose above 6.5 feet late Monday, the NRC and plant owner Exelon have been vague about whether it was needed. As of this writing, it is still not clear if Oyster Creek’s heat transfer system is functioning as designed.

“Oyster Creek was not the only nuclear power plant dealing with Sandy-related emergencies. As reported here yesterday, Nine Mile Point Unit 1 and Indian Point Unit 3-both in New York-each had to scram because of grid interruptions triggered by Monday’s superstorm.

“In addition, one of  New Jersey’s Salem reactors shut down when four of six condenser circulators (water pumps that aid in heat transfer) failed “due to a combination of high river level and detritus from Hurricane Sandy’s transit.”

“Salem vented vapor from what are considered non-nuclear systems, though as noted often, that does not mean it is completely free of radioactive components. (Salem’s other reactor was offline for refueling.)

“Limerick (PA) reactors 1 and 2, Millstone (CT) 3, and Vermont Yankee all reduced power output in response to Superstorm Sandy. The storm also caused large numbers of emergency warning sirens around both Oyster Creek and the Peach Bottom (PA) nuclear plant to fail.”

You can read the entire article at Capitoilette.com where “Employees must wash hands before leaving.”

When politicians are in charge, we are in trouble.

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Don Winfield, Senior Editor


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Nuclear Power Plant Risk | Hurricane Sandy

Nuclear Power Plant Risks | Hurricane Sandy

How close are you to a Nuclear Power Plant Risk Zones?

As Hurricane Sandy approached the North East Coast, almost everyone was focused on potential damage by the storm.

They forgot that water was the cause of the failure of the 3 Nuclear Power Plant Meltdowns at Fukushima, Japan.

Probably neither they, nor you, are aware of how many Meltdown Risk Zones you are in.

Chernobyl created a quarantine zone about 85% of the size of California.  When a Nuclear Power Plant has problems, the risk zone can be the size of a country… or more.

There are currently 65 commercially operating nuclear power plants with 104 nuclear reactors in 31 states around the US.  Thirty-six of the plants have two or more reactors.

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After you register for your Free Radiation Protection Report, I recommend you watch Jim Porringa, former chief engineer of the world’s largest Nuclear Research Reactor – Chalk River – demonstrate how easy and quick it is to eliminate Nuclear Waste.

The Nuclear Power Plant Monopolies insist they cannot get rid of deadly radioactive waste.

Nuclear Waste is a source of incredible risk and escalating expense that could be gotten rid of except for the political elite who protect monopoly profits from liability and force us to pay to allow the Nuclear Industry and Regulators to be stupid.


Nuclear Waste includes Spent Nuclear Power Rods, which if exposed to air, can begin to burn in an unholy conflagration that will spread radiation non-stop.  Putting out these Spent Nuclear Fuel Rods is not like stopping a Nuclear Bomb after it explodes.  Unfortunately there are a lot of similarities.

The political elites also like to use our Nuclear Storage Risk from each Nuclear Power Plant to keep poisonous materials handy to make weapons to kill people and poison their land and water at the same time.

These same weapons also poison the soldiers who use them.  Who cares?

Politicians think soldiers should sacrifice health, limbs, and life for their political schemes and dreams anyway.


You can help us by making a contribution to PACE and/or watch for products and services we will be offering that will include contributions to PACE when you purchase.  You’ll find a link at the top of any page of our website to do what you can or follow this link:


We can and will create viral campaigns to undo Nuclear Stupidity.

We can reduce Nuclear Risks and utility bills at the same time.

We will also help open the doors to Free Market Competition so that Free People can make intelligent decisions that the political elite will not consider due to their addictions to power over others, wars, and monopoly created, gigantic profits.


Don Winfield, Editor


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Environmental Stupidity by Edict

The Politically Powerful Rule…
Stand & Serve No More!

Clean Energy is the enemy of government mandated stupidity that transfers money from the poor to the politically powerful monopolies and cartels.  Here is one more example of corruption by the politically powerful to generate crony capitalism profits.


“The real problem,” he goes on, “is that the corn market is fundamentally misshaped by government interventions that have made a mess of this and many more markets. The distortions are never contained, but spread and spread.


“Corn is the single most important commodity for retail food,” Richard Volpe, an economist for the USDA told the Los Angeles Times. “Corn is either directly or indirectly in about three-quarters of all food consumers buy.


“Fine, then, answer me this, Mr. Government Economist Man,” Jeffrey scoffs. “Why is 40% of the corn crop being burned up in our gas tanks?”


Unfortunately, they’re both right. Corn is now in three out of four food products, fueling obesity’s 300% jump since 1970 by jacking up Americans on high-fructose corn syrup. Meanwhile, each year we make ethanol out of enough corn to fatten up more than 400 million more people for an entire year.


All the while, by one estimate, ethanol consumes six times more energy than it produces. It clogs up your gas tank with continued use. And if greenhouse gases are a concern for you, ethanol generates twice the emissions of plain ol’ gasoline.


The question: Why is corn being used as fuel if it’s so inefficient, costly and bad for the environment? “The answer is a Soviet-like, stupid-like government mandate,” Jeffrey responds, clearly bitter about the issue.


“It is actually relatively new,” Jeffrey explains. “It came about in 2005 and 2007. It mixes nearly all the gas we can buy with a sticky product now in rather short supply.


“Of all the government regulations I’ve looked at in detail over the last 10 years, the ethanol mandate is, by far, the worst. There are no grounds on which it is defensible,” Jeffrey concludes.


For more, read:

The Amazing Ethanol Scam



Once upon a time, I used to be surprised by the stupidity, greed, violence, hate and lust for power of the political elites.

Today, I am only amazed at what took me so long to awaken.  Are you awake yet?

To learn more about Individual Freedom, visit http://thelibertygang.com


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Radioactive Waste Disposal

Radioactive Waste Disposal 1980

The politically powerful went forward with the construction of Nuclear Reactors without knowing what could be done for Radioactive Waste Disposal…

“Highly radioactive wastes are dangerous and deadly wherever they are, whether stored at reactor sites (indoors in pools or outdoors in dry casks); transported on the roads, rails, or waterways; or dumped on Native American lands out West.

“Highly radioactive wastes include solid irradiated nuclear fuel assemblies (called spent or used by the industry that creates them) and liquid high-level radioactive wastes resulting from the reprocessing (extraction of fissile plutonium and uranium) of solid irradiated fuel rods.

“The vast majority of highly radioactive wastes generated in the U.S. come from commercial nuclear power reactors.

“Irradiated nuclear fuel rods discharged from commercial nuclear power plants are highly radioactive, a million times more so than when they were first loaded into a reactor core as fresh fuel.

“If unshielded, irradiated nuclear fuel just removed from a reactor core could deliver a lethal dose of radiation to a person standing three feet away in just seconds.  Even after decades of radioactive decay, a few minutes unshielded exposure could deliver a lethal dose.

“Certain radioactive elements (such as plutonium-239) in spent fuel will remain hazardous to humans and other living beings for hundreds of thousands of years. Other radioisotopes will remain hazardous for millions of years.  Thus, these wastes must be shielded for centuries and isolated from the living environment for hundreds of millenia.

“For more on the problems of this waste disposal, go to the Radioactive Waste Project site of the Nuclear Information and Resource Service at http://www.nirs.org/radwaste/hlw/hlw.htm . This clip is from the 1980 Disney film, The Atom: A Closer Look, available at the Internet Archives,.”

From You Tube at:  http://youtu.be/1na6gUUpwvU

Part of the thinking back then was that by the time Radioactive Waste became a problem, scientists would have provided a solution… And they were correct… But!

By that time Radioactive Waste Disposal had turned into Radioactive Waste Containment and is much too  profitable for the Radioactive Waste Cartels to admit it could be disposed.

And the politicians wanted to keep Radioactive Waste available to make more weapons to kill people.  The politicians also now had their own little bureaucratic empires created.  Politicians never want to give up power by eliminating a problem they can micro-manage.

Discover what you can do to help:




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Radioactive Waste

What Is Radioactive Waste?

How Risky Is Radioactive Waste and Are There Answers?


“Radioactive waste is, fundamentally, the lethal byproducts of the nuclear age. 95% of all the radioactivity created in the U.S, from all sources including nuclear weapons production, is contained in the irradiated fuel—or high-level radioactive waste—from commercial nuclear power reactors.

“Radioactive waste is, fundamentally, the lethal byproducts of the nuclear age. 95% of all the radioactivity created in the U.S, from all sources including nuclear weapons production, is contained in the irradiated fuel—or high-level radioactive waste—from commercial nuclear power reactors.

“Yet even “low-level” nuclear waste can contain lethally-radioactive and long-lived elements, such as Plutonium-239, Strontium-90 and many others. Industry and government proposals to deregulate and “recycle” some “low-level” waste would allow it to be disposed of as normal garbage and enter the consumer marketplace—increasing radiation exposures to everyone.

“The storage—permanent and temporary–and transport of radioactive waste is perhaps the most controversial aspect of the nuclear power issue. No nation has yet solved the problem of what to do with this material, which must be shielded from the environment for millennia.”


Radioactive Waste is a guaranteed source of profits for thousands of years…

And when the industry has accidents or disasters, they make even more money.  They get paid to contain the radioactive waste that escaped from their last container.

Now how is that for an idea?

Would you tell your child, “Every time you break something we will pay you a lot of money and keep on paying you until it is cleaned up no matter how long it takes or how poorly you do.”?

Who in their right mind would exempt an industry from liability and reward them for poor performance, stupidity or even criminal negligence?

US politicians collect money from taxpayers and pay it to the radioactive waste industry to contain the wastes from their accidents.

US politicians are paying $2 Billion Dollars a year to build new containment facilities to contain the current leaking containment facilities.  The US politicians have extended the contract twice.

The most recent extension was from 2028 to 2047.  They started in 19189.  At $2 Billion per year, barring any further continuations or price increases, totals to $116 Billion.

There 104 operating commercial reactors in the US.  Each is creating its own little dangerous and expensive stockpiles of Radioactive Waste.

Radioactive Waste is a continuing and ever increasing source of profits for the Nuclear Waste Industry and a continuing and ever increasing source of danger and expense for you and me and anyone else who is not a member of the political elite and their radioactive waste cartels.

Watch this 3 minute 47 second video that demonstrates Radioactive Waste can be eliminated safely and for a fraction of the costs of containment, transportation and storage.


Until we terrify politicians with the knowledge they can be thrown from office, they will continue to sell us to the highest bidder and to whatever provides them the most power over our lives.

Go here now and watch radioactive waste eliminated in 11 seconds.  Once enough people know we don’t have to keep dangerous and expensive radioactive waste stored for 27,000 years, we can begin to demand change.


And be sure to “like us” with your Facebook and share us with your other social networks.  You can use the link below.

Written by Don Winfield, Senior Editor



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Clean Energy, Free Markets, Personal Responsibility

Clean Energy, Free Markets, Personal Responsibility

Do you ever hear people talk about how horrible life would be with individual freedom?

They’re afraid.

Don’t you wonder why they do not observe the failures, abuse of power, self-serving, monopoly creating, war promoting, non-stop scandal creating, and horrible records of mega-government central planning coupled with crony capitalism and/or crony socialism.

About the only time a government is against war is when, for propaganda purposes, they want the other side to surrender without a fight.  As if surrender to the biggest dog is the solution to the world’s problems.

Others seek one world government…

  • Not for peace…
  • Not for individual freedom…
  • Not for personal responsibility…
  • Not for unlimited opportunity…
  • Not for innovation…

They want to make certain, no one has the opportunity to escape or resist whoever wins the power struggle to rule the planet.  The world will be their prison and we will be their prisoners…

The ruling elites want 3 classes.  The uber rich, the peasants and those marked for extinction.

Clean energy promotes life, abundance, tolerance, and health!

The ruling class wants more death.  They figure they can best be served by a population of about 500 million and that all others should be exterminated.

The politically powerful have cleverly crafted a “Company Store” approach which strips you, me and our families of the results of our labor, creativity and skills.

They seek monopoly control of essentials plus education and communication to dumb down the population to a level of acceptance where they hope to force feed the idea that an enforced and shared misery is the same as Freedom.

One of their chosen tools is Nuclear Waste.  Possibly, this child of war toys is embraced by political lunatics so that radiation can sterilize most of the population with an accident here and an accident there.  The ruling elites have faith in their ability to be immune from the chaos, death and destruction they create fro everyone else… And they pretty much live in a different world from the rest of us.

The uber rich don’t have to worry about GMO crops, their estates being sprayed with poisons, crime rates on streets they never visit, or making a hasty exit because of a disaster or even the possibility of a disaster.

They have homes around the globe or can buy another mansion with their spare change.

Many of these super wealthy and powerful people believe that the world will be a better place if they can kill off 90% of the planet.  They think 500 Million people is an ideal number for them to control.

Anyone else is garbage to be eliminated.

“… the resultant ideal sustainable population is hence more than 500 million but less than one billion.” – Club of Rome, Goals for Mankind

“A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.” – Ted Turner, CNN founder and UN supporter

“Nuclear power plants are, next to nuclear warheads themselves, the most dangerous devices that man has ever created. Their construction and proliferation is the most irresponsible, in fact the most criminal act ever to have taken place on this planet.” – Dr. Patrick Moore, Assault on Future Generations, 1976, Greenpeace co-founder/Greenpeace dropout

“It is sobering to remember that 21 years ago on April 26 the industry was brought to a standstill by the world’s worst nuclear accident at Chernobyl; an accident, which emitted an unstoppable and deadly plume of radioactivity that traveled the world and the effects of which can still be measured today; an accident, which could be repeated by any one of the world’s 400 or so nuclear reactors.” – Greenpeace International, Climate Change-Nuclear not the answer, 30 April, 2007

The ruling elites may not actually believe the disproven theories of Malthus, who predicted the world would run out of resources due to geometrical population growth in the 1800’s.  The world has grown and prospered anyway despite those who have done their best to kill their fellow man and sterilize those they don’t approve of.

It’s just as likely, they use Malthus as an excuse to justify their actions.  One more lie makes little difference.

The real source of their belief may be an incredible arrogance about their own superiority and therefore eliminating 90% of the population of the planet is their right.  They seek to create a superior race with us mongrels under their control.

Whenever we eliminate monopoly and cartels by unfettering the creativity, opportunity, capital, and organizational abilities of our fellow man, we protect the living and the unborn from the arrogance and madness of the politically powerful.

Help us eliminate the government granted monopolies and the immunities provided by and to the ruling elites.

When we have both unfettered competition and personal responsibility, the monopolies and cartels will lose their ability to spread their insanity, hate, sterilizations, and wars.

Clean energy is one of the many things hated by globalists who fear anything they can’t monopolize and use as a weapon to keep themselves high above masses they want to suffer as if that will fill the voids in their souls.

Ride with The Liberty Gang

The only way to protect your Individual Rights and Freedoms, which are the source of abundance, harmony, unfettered opportunity, health, morality and justice, is to protect the Individual Rights and Freedoms of those you neither like nor approve of.

There is no other way.

Ride with The Liberty Gang with your Pledge to protect the Individual Rights and Freedoms of those you neither like nor approve of.

— Don Winfield for http://thelibertygang.com

Now commit to 3 Simple Steps to Help PACE and Others Undo the Damage Done by the Steady Accumulation of Nuclear Waste and by Eliminating the Exemptions of the Politically Powerful Who Think They Should Never Be Held Accountable for Their Actions.

1. Help us go viral by sharing our sites, videos, and inbox magazines through your personal networks and to mainstream and alternative news media.  The politically powerful are not going to reform themselves.  This is not about transferring centralized power, which is the source of our problems.  We are about taking back our Individual Rights and Freedoms which have been stolen by our self-appointed rulers.

2.  Donate what you can, when you can.  Keep in mind, that even though we have to pay overhead, the cost of demonstrations, research projects, presentations, websites, staff, scientists, and more…

1 BIG Purpose of any money we raise is to help inform our neighbors of solutions to Nuclear Waste and the Creation of Competing Clean Energy Alternatives.

When you share our information, that is the same thing as donating money.  Money is a store of value and a medium of exchange.  You provide the value, that is money, when you help us share this information.

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